She is the ex-wife of Hector Thebe and mother to Naledi. She uses her beauty to get what she wants from men, but does not give anything in return.

We start by looking closely at the marriage arrangement where Yvone Thebe has just acknowledged to become the second wife to Langa Siseko. Does Boniswa really comfortable with Yvonne becoming her husband ‘s second wife? It must be considered from the onset that Yvonne and Siseko had a history of been lovers. It is interesting to realize that Boniswa, Siseko’s first wife is the one coordinating the marriage between the two former lovers.

The audience is confused about the intentions of Boniswa who is pushing for Siseko to marry Yvonne. We (as the audience) grapples to make sense of the existing arrangement between Yvonne and Siseko as it is difficult for women to share their husbands nowadays.

in addition we are not convinced either by how Boniswa is going to deal with Yvone who has a history with Siseko. As the audience we feel as though Boniswa had just invited much trouble in her marriage as Yvone seems to have ulterior motives in the marriage.

Lastly, as the audience we appear to loose respect towards Siseko who was projected as a disciplined and principled husband until Yvone repeatedly tempted him. With the current arrangement(the marriage between Yvone and Siseko) we believe that Boniswa had invited more trouble than she can handle.

On the other hand, Yvonne is blowing her own trumphet as she continue telling her friends that she is going to push Boniswa out of the marriage. Whether this will be true or not it remains to be seen. In ant case, we feel sorry for Boniswa, who appears to have found her match. As for Siseko, we believe he is too good for either of the women.