Movie Review: ‘All about Love’ 

Film: 'All about Love'

There is an English saying which states: “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” It is a saying I found myself thinking of after watching the movie “All about Love”.

The film stars Katlego Danke, Zenande Mafenyana, Nomzamo Mbatha and Angela Sithole, and SA-based actors Richard Lukunku (DR Congo) and Leroy Gopal (Zimbabwe) as well as Chris Attoh from Ghana and Nigerian Enyinna Nwigwe.

Directed by Adze Ugah (Mrs Right Guy) and written by Kingsley C Okolie, the romantic drama ran like the story telling of a toddler.

Instead of fillers we were treated with scenes that had no transition. There was no flow to the movie. Plot holes were numerous.

The characters bounced from one event to another and at some point it seemed they were time travelling. They would get to places before other characters that in previous scenes left before them to get to the same place.  The wardrobe choices added to the time confusion.

Richard Lukunku’s South African accent in the film leaves nothing to be desired. Never has the South African accent been so butchered. Yes, even worse than American actors attempting Afrikaans accents but landing dangerously close to Australia. It left the ears feeling assaulted every time he was talking on screen.  It was such a shockingly terrible surprise as we know his acting is better than that.


Some of the characters make poor decisions that are so far-fetched and so badly executed, the movie tethers dangerously into skit comedy. The audience got the sense that the writer had been told to wrap up the script out of the blue. We as the viewers are thrown into incredulous scene after incredulous scene.

There was a lack of commitment to character storyline. Katlego Danke’s character Sarah is not that well off but somehow manages to live in a high end apartment which appears as if it’s an interior designer’s showroom.  We do not know what she does for a living, it is just vaguely mentioned that she’s not well off therefore cannot help one of the characters.

It was extremely disappointing to watch the movie especially with the recent high caliber of romantic dramas we’ve seen in cinemas in this country.  The acting was not memorable which made it easier to pick at the little inconsistencies. The initial excitement you feel at seeing actors you love quickly fades away.

The one good thing though is that the movie brought together so many different players from all corners of the continent. It gives hope that there will be more Pan-African projects which can do wonders for the industry.

Another is that they had a drone and they used it, liberally. So you’re treated to beautiful views of Johannesburg.  And the locations are wonderful.