The changing world of Puleng in Rhythm City

Is Puleng been bewitched by MamMothibi?


Puleng decides to go back to the church which she believes is under the spell of MamMothibi following a scary dream she had recently. Her views are that only the powerful MamMothibi will help her deal with the ordeal.

It is sad for the audience to see Puleng who has been the target of MamMothibi making a decision to go back to the GENESIS CHURCH. We know that something sinister is going to happen to her, but PULENG is so stubborn to listen to anyone, including her own mother.

It would have been fair for us , the audiences, to be introduced to the world of MamMothibi, especially in the bedroom with her wives. We want to know how she keeps them happy?

“I think the character is not working for me. Why would she target PULENG? Will her MARRIAGE with PULENG give her access to Puleng’s business monies so that she can pay rent for her church? What motivates her character to do what she is doing?