Can you love more than one person?

Is it normal to love more than one person?

Isi it possible to love more than one person?

Let’s face it! it is rather difficult to date more than one person and ensure that the affair works for years. Siseko Langa, our tycoon character is entangled in a love triangle with his two estranged wives fighting to stay in the marriage.

And also, take a look at the Langa polygamous marriage which is hanging on the balance!! The agreement by both Boniswa and Siseko to have Yvonne as the second wife was a tragic and big mistake as she continuous with her old life even in the marriage.

Yvonne and Boniswa are prepared to go an extra mile in order to be “Mrs Right”. So who is going to be Mrs Langa at last?

But, it didn’t work out like that for Layla. When her ex, Tony, came back, the old flames immediately rekindled and she fell for him all over again.

At the time Layla had met Wesley and things were going well for them. She decided to put him on hold to pursue a relationship with Tony. But she knew she still had feelings for Wesley.

The moment Layla realised their rekindled relationship was based on a lie, she left Tony and went back to Wesley. But, it was a little too late for her as Wesley refused to be her second choice.