Rhythm CityScandal

How is Puleng going to escape from the GENESIS FAMILY CHURCH without being hurt by Mam Mothibi?

The truth has just set in for Puleng who is traumatized after having seen Lufuno dies whilst having dinner with the rest of the family.

It looks like Puleng has finally seen the truth about Mam Mothibi and Wiseman, but it is too little too late. “Mam Mothibi is not a kind servant of the Lord. She’s a vicious woman who uses religion to manipulate her followers”.

Her plan to escape from the church was dealt a blow when Lufuno collapses and die during dinner. After Lufuno’s death nobody did not care much, exceprt when “Mam Mothibi said it was “God’s will”.

How is Puleng going to escape from the GENESIS FAMILY CHURCH without being hurt by Mam Mothibi? 


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