Is Suffocate really unable to protect his family from Jakobo and Baprofeta Gang?

So when Jakobo tells Puleng that he could “have her anytime he wants”, she makes a move to defend herself. And gets Toolkit to bring her a gun. Will Puleng use the gun on Jakobo?

The Baprofeta have taken over Kilowatt and one of them, Jakobo, want to marry Puleng. He tells Puleng that he could “have her anytimehe wants”, and that made her to get a gun from Toolkit to defend herself from Jakobo.

But Puleng is not having it. After everything she’s been through with the Genesis Fellowship Church, Mam Mothibi and Brother Wiseman, she’s not about to let anyone control her anytime soon.

Suffocate is no longer the man we know-the man who can do anything to protect his family, his wife, from hooligans such as Jakobo.

What kind of favour did Lerumo gave to Suffocate that he can even allow him to trouble him both at home and business? His marriage is falling apart and Jakobo continues to fondle Puleng openly and even telling her that if he want her he will get her!!!

We know Suffo as a non-nonsense man and we are disappointed to see him been reduced to a Coward who cannot even protect his wife (Puleng) from other men.

Why would Suffocate allow Lerumo and his gang to hold their KIMITI event for five days at Kilowatt? What is it that Lerumo had done or offered Lerumo whilest they were still in prison?