What does Neo imply by saying, “YV is the daughter of the devil”?

We know her as an opportunist who does not hesitate to grab every opportunity that comes her way, but to someone like Neo she appears to be the daughter of the devil.

Neo Kokgethi wants to open a new lounge, but he can’t apply for a liquor license because of his criminal record. He asks Yvonne to apply for it on his behalf using her name, but he met it with little success as Yvonne wanted more than to be his assistant but as a Partner.

In fact, she proposes to be his partner in the business. The two characters are very interesting in that they both have shoddy backgrounds.  Mokgethi is a mafia and a ganster, whilst Yvonne is an accomplice to crimes that Mokgethi commits.

After a lot of convincing and manipulation from Yvonne, Neo looks at her and says: “YV, if I didn’t know you any better, I’d say you’re the daughter of the devil himself.” Ouch!

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