Will Bash live to REVEAL BONGI & NOMALANGA’S baby Secret?

Bongi plans to kill Bash, Reneilwe goes missing and Cuba meets a man on the internet. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Will Bash let this go or will he try and get to the bottom of it? If you were Bash what would you do under the circumstances?

Knives are out for BASH as he remains the major threat towards BONGI & NOMALANGA’s secret of swapping the babies from the hospital. BONGI is under-pressure to appease NOMALANGA that she will probably take care of BASH who is a threat to their little secret. Bongi tries to silence Bash but only makes the situation worse.

On the other hand, RENEILWE has gone missing following her refusal to TAKE instructions from MUSA, the mafia boyfriend. Nobody seem to realise that Rene has disappeared until MAMPHO blew the whistle.

The investigating officer on Rene’s case has a lead. Rene sees the truth of what’s happening to the imprisoned girls. BONGI’s not sure if Bash suspects her.

Is there any lesson that people can learn from RENEILWE & SINDISWA’S characters as young BEAUTIFUL girls whose backgrounds are not favorable?