David Genaro or Suffocate: Who is the most powerful Man?

Love and war on #RhythmCity

Pearl and Mzi are deeply in love, but their powerful fathers despise each other. It was love at first sight when Pearl met Mzi. Pearl was a damsel in distress and Mzi saved her life. With no information about each other, they didn’t even know how they’d meet again. When they finally did, they didn’t waste any time and declared their love for each other.

But it looks like our new love birds are already facing a major obstacle – their fathers. Suffo despises Genaro for being involved in Themba’s murder, and Genaro hates the fact that Suffo won’t sell his share of Zero11 to him. Both Suffo and Genaro are dangerous men who would do just about anything to get their way.

On the other hand, the developments in the love triangle between Mzi and Pearl is heading in the wrong direction,and David seem to pretend not knowing that Mzi is a regular vistor in his house.

In yesterday’s episode David Genaro nearly caught the love birds in his house and asked to know the visitor, but Pearl requested him to respect her privacy. Mzi was hiding indoors and Genaro left appearing to have heeded his daughter’s plea.

Do you think David Genaro was aware that it was MZI who was in the house? 

Can Pearl and Mzi’s romance restore peace between the Ndlovus and the Genaros? Or will it add to the rivalry?