Is Mlungisi really cheating with his boss, Grace Medupi?

5 Reasons why Zinzile suspects Mlu is cheating

Zinzile’s witch-hunt to find proof that her husband could be cheating has us hooked. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

The infidelity storyline is taking a different turn as Zinzile is starting to suspect Mlungisi could be having an affair with his boss, Grace.

Although the relationship between the two hasn’t yet blossomed into an affair, here are the tell-tale signs which make Zinzile suspicious.

1. Her sixth sense

Admittedly, Zinzile knows that something doesn’t quite feel right with her husband. But, she doesn’t have proof other than that he lied about something.

2. He’s hotter in bed than ever

Just the other morning, Zinzile couldn’t stop gushing about how good the previous night was with “Ndlokovu”. She even grabbed his behind.

3. He has new interests

Mlungisi has suddenly developed an interest in business news. He even wants to take a business course and Zinzile doesn’t understand why.

4. Things just don’t add up

Zinzile was surprised to hear that Mlungisi calls his boss by her first name and that just didn’t make sense to her.

5. He lied

When Mlungisi brought a new shirt home, he claimed Grace bought one for every male employee. To her surprise, Zinzile recently found out that he lied about the shirt.

On top of it all, he also lied when he said everyone at work calls his boss by her first name.


Now, we’re looking forward to finding out what’s gonna happen between Mlu and Grace. Will he cheat with her? And will Zinzile find out?