Skeem Saam’s Wallet Character: What had happened to the character?

Koko Mancha of "SkeemSaam"

It’s true that, Skeem Saam” storyline has changed drastically with audiences left with either to choose Koko Mancha or Kwaito as their main character. Wallet’s disappearance in the story leaves the audiences hanging with questions about his whereabouts?

Koko Mancha is a seasoned actor who havs been in the acting industry for a very long time. She is a good actor who is able to play her character flawlessly. Now that Wallet is no longer making appearances in the storyline, the audiences are left with either making Kwaito or Koko Mancha their favourite.

On the other hand the viewers are not impressed that Alexos’ intention is going to backfire should he release Pretty and not set himself alight. The audience are not impressed with how Kwaito has handled the kidnapping of Pretty and Katlego.

The questions on the lips of the audiences are as follows:

(a) Will Alexo let Kwaito and Pretty leave freely? What about Katlego?

(b) Do you think Police will arrive at the scene before he detonate the bombs?

(c)  What is Alexo’s intention with Kwaito’s innovation? Is he not going to be arrested as everyone in the neighborhood knows his reasons for kidnapping Pretty & Katlego