Will we ever see justice served to those responsible for SISEKO’S disappearance?

Will Romeo Medupi's magic be able to SAVE SISEKO LANGA and his businesses from Mthunzi?

The disappearance of the businessman and family man Siseko Langa is both worrying and disheartening as his family continue to trust the man behind the kidnapping. Like I said, “The story is a bit confusing as we are unable to trace MTHUNZI’s relationship with Siseko Langa in the recent past. Even Siseko himself did not and/or was not mentioning MTHUNZI’s name in any way!!!!

The new developments in the story with ROMEO’s relationship with SISEKO’s daughter on the rocks, that is when we are going to know the truth about the kidnapping. Romeo is on the verge of doing his best to prove that MTHUNZI is a FAKE?

Are people going to trust Romeo as he’s got a bad track record about life?

Do you think that when Mthunzi asked LYLA about the person who called to verify his credentials will leave doubts on her?

What is the real plan that MTHUNZI has about SISEKO and his business, and is he not afraid of the consequences of his actions?

Will MTHUNZI’s mother be able to take in all the evilsthat are happening in the house of her employers, especially by her own son?

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