Mzekezeke is back & fans are still convinced he’s DJ Sbu in disguise

DJ Sbu claims he is not Mzekezeke. Image: Via DJ Sbu's Instagram

There is a confusion going on media about the identity of Mzekezeke, the muso, who is confused by fans as DJ Sbu. Fans are so convinced that the man behind the mask is DJ Sbu who does not want to be identified on stage, and others are suggesting that the two must be interviwed same day and time to clear away the confusion.

The muso, Mzekezeke, is officially back in the game and fans are still convinced that he is DJ Sbu living a second life on stage.

It was Sbu who announced the return of the faceless kwaito star, Mzekezeke, late on Sunday evening and posted a video of him performing. He also revealed that Mzekezeke already has 21 shows booked for the festive season.