Ngcolosi thinks MaZulu has been unfaithful when her old flame MaJozi arrives at the Bhengu household.

Ngcolosi’s suspicions cast a shadow over his marriage. Futhi leads the church in a rousing crowd-pleasing service – but Phunyuka is not happy about it. Afterwards, he pricks at Futhi’s pride, before sowing seeds of discontent with another deacon. Phakade witnesses a tense exchange between Ngcolosi and MaZulu, and is disturbed to learn Ngcolosi is questioning MaZulu’s fidelity, a fact which also rattles MaNdlovu. Phakade accuses Zithulele of blabbing the secret to Ngcolosi but Zithulele denies it. Ngcolosi shocks MaZulu by raising the theory of her affair with MaJozi. But she is truly shocked when he asks her if Zithulele is his child.