Chichi’s Video to expose Mthunzi’s past!!!


Swords are out in Scandal as Mthunzi’s character is been challenged and tested by Romeo and Chichi, Mthunzi’s former girlfriend. In the video Chichi is confessing about her dark past with Mthunzi and threaten to send the video to Youtube if he does not pay her the money.

Even though Mthunzi does not show any sign of fear for been exposed when speaking to Catherine Thwala, a journalist from NHF, he is aware that Chichi’s actions can put him in serious trouble. The character, however, remains heartless and does not show any sign of retreating from the Langa family businesses.

On the other hand, Mthunzi makes a call to Vincent with the intent of getting Chichi taken care of as she is a threat to his identity and dark past. Vincent’s character is not believeable when speaking to Mthunzi, or rather he is not taking him serious!!

Audience seem to be getting what they wanted when Chichi threatens Mthunzi to pay money in her account in one day or else “she is going to upload the video on Youtube for all to see”. She further mentioned that she will reveal all the secrets about the kidnapping and killing of Siseko Langa, taking over of the Langa family businesses, and even his marriage to Xolile Langa.

Do you think Mthunzi is going to be arrested this time around? Do you think Vincent is not going to take the instruction to kill Chichi serious, thus allowing Mthunzi’s exposure?