TAZ SAMBOKO: Musician and/or a Cheff


Taz Samboko is a South African musician who hails from the province of Limpopo, but is currently in Johannesburg due to employment opportunities. His passion for music came true when he was in Milan, Italy where he worked as a Cheff. The type of music that he plays are African music, house and Afro-pop.

Even though he was influenced to become a musician by his brother who was a Choir Master, his passion for music grew tremendously in 1996 when he was in Milan, Italy. I was lonely and in foreign country with nobody to talk to,and that made me to sing even when i was doing preparations for meal as a Chef.

He conceded that the music industry is replete with challenges which makes it difficult for new entrant to breakthrough. You are not sure that people will like your music or not, and that leaves many musicians panicking.

I am happy to be working under Primetainment Record Label which makes it possible for his music to be played in all the radio stations in South Africa, said Samboko. He also added that his music is played at MTV BASE channel.

His future plans include reaching the International market as he was also born outside South Africa.

His contribution to the community includes conducting workshops, presenting meals to young people at school by providing a 5 star meal for young people.