Xolile’s character and fence jumping


The Scandal episode on the 31st July 2020 shows the character of Xolile heading towards a very long gated wall where Chumani had kept her mother for a long time. Whilst we understand the eagerness to gain access to the building, the character was not convincing as the gate seemed too long for the character to climb and jump through.

Whilst Boniswa and Xolile were trying to open the door in which Boniswa was locked in, Chumani and Romeo were playing the blame game. On the other hand we hear Romeo’s character warning Xolile about the building that is to be imploded, and had to run for her life.

One would concur that Xolile’s character was believeable when trying to hit hard on the door to free her mother. As for the character of Dintle is continuing to hassle in order to make ends meet.