What about the Audience’s ways of seeing?


The storyline in Scandal about Mamba and Violetta’s deaf brother is not realistic and convincing as it should as it does not provide background information about the character. The audience were left to connect the pieces of the puzzle and to figure who the characters of “Mamba” and “Violetta” and how they got married as he (Mamba) would have met the deaf brother sometime back in the days.

On the other hand, Mamba’s character does not match the character he is playing, “a rich former political prisoner with connections”, but rather appear more like a mafia-boss. One would think that the fact that he has married Violetta and the secret of having killed Violetta would have made him to freely give his brother in law school fees money rather than dismissing him.

Another confusing point is about Mamba’s daughter (Aya Nzimande) who was in the car when Violetta and Simo competed to get their hands on the gun. She has seen when Simo shot and killed Violetta, but she is mistaken by her father to have not been present at the night when Simo pulled the trigger that ended Violetta’s life.

Do you think Aya is going to reveal the secret about Violetta’s death?

Why does Simo seem to be more worried than Mamba, though everything happened under his watch?

Do you think Lindiwe Ngema’s new boyfriend is real or just a player like others who don’t need to be trusted?