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Interview with Dan Akinlolu

Director/Producer of Son of Gomorrah This interview was published on June 23, 2021 What was the inspiration behind making this short film? ‘Son of Gomorrah’ is a personal creative exercise, it is one of my experimental short film were I tried to narrate the last hour escapade of...

Schooling in SA in the age of the Pandemic

Learners in some schools in parts of Gauteng took to the streets to protest against the scourge of Covid-19 Pandemic.

Mpho Molikeng,the One in all artist of Our time!!

Mpho Molikeng's Poetry continues to make Cultural sense in the ears of the listeners.

Maru the Revelation Chapter 2

Maru the Revolutionary Chapter 2 a project to express Moeketsi's gratitude to God for His Grace and Mercy.

Palesa Brown talking tough to help learners deal with their pains and sorrows.

Palesa Brown standing with Vusi Semenya who is a learner at Badirile Secondary School.

Music is a Universal Language to express the artist’s views and ideas!!!

PJ Mussungo, the CEO of Befo Music expresses his views through music.

What about the Audience’s ways of seeing?

How we see depends on the side from which we are standing, and what we want to see?

Characters Review on Scandal

What is Mr Mamba going to do to Simo seeing that his lover and the only person with all the evidence against him is dead? Do you think Mamba is going to let him live?

Why would artists call for the resignation of Minister Nathi Mthethwa?

The ministry of sport, arts and culture is on the verge of fast-tracking the third phase relief funding for the arts and entertainment industry following the call by artists for the Minister to resign. This come at the time when Covid-19 is continuing to cause havoc across the country. The online petition, #NathiMustGo, was...

How COVID-19 paralyses new talents?

How COVID-19 paralyses the new talents? Corona Virus, Covid-19, is a global challenge which has left countries and governments devastated and mourning for their citizenries who dies in multitudes. South Africa recorded 11381 newCovid-19 infections on Thursday, and the total number of cases now stands at 1380807 ( Whilst the country...